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Responsible Tourism Practices

At Pacific Expeditions we are working in the implementation of best practices for sustainable marine tourism and responsible community development. We recycle our  plastics, glass, paper, and aluminum and work together the Osa Municipality. We are active member in the local marine tour operators association in Bahia Ballena.

Marine Tourism Best Practices


With the KETO Foundation, and the Association of Marine Tour Operators of the Marino Ballena National Park, we are helping to develop the standards for Responsible Marine Tourism Practices.

We are working so hard to obtain the certification for the best marine practices in this program called “Sea Star System Costa Rica “This program tested in the field  the standards for Planning of Boat Tours, Boat Maintenance, training of the Captains and guides, Community Responsibility, Navigation, Whale watching, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving.   We are constantly implementing the rigorous standards to achieve the most Responsible Operation of Marine Tourism possible, and continue providing visitors the best and most sustainable boat and nature tours in Uvita – Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica.

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