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Environmental Policy

WATER RESOURCE: It is our commitment to ensure that water consumption both in the office and in the field is rational. improve their fleet washing and equipment maintenance routines, encourage the distribution of metal water bottles among their clients and eliminate plastic consumption.

ENERGY RESOURCE: It is our commitment to reduce and maintain constant energy consumption, use devices to reduce energy consumption as well as energy efficient equipment, take advantage of natural lighting in our facilities as much as possible.


WASTE MANAGEMENT: We are committed to strengthening among our collaborators and clients the efficient management of waste generated both in the office and in the execution of the tours, using gallons of water to refill the bottles on tours that include it, as well as the use of NON-DISPOSABLE tableware for picnics, products whose packaging is biodegradable or easily degraded, we have a solid waste recycling program: paper, plastic, cardboard, glass.


NATURAL, PROTECTED AND CONSERVATION AREAS: It is our commitment to support the conservation of protected areas, get involved in protected area conservation programs, motivate your clients to visit protected areas and comply with national legislation on protected areas.

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